Glastonbury Barre & Yoga is a boutique fitness studio specializing in barre and yoga classes. We offer classes in a small and welcoming studio. No experience is necessary. Classes are designed to make everyone feel welcome and get a strong workout. All classes are low-impact and strive to create a stronger physique. Our goal is to help our guests improve their physical health and overall well-being.  Come join our growing community.





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Our Classes

All Levels Barre

Barre is a workout at the ballet barre that combines elements of Pilates, dance, yoga, and functional strength training. Using equipment like balls, bands, and light hand-weights, Barre workouts will lift, tone, elongate, and sculpt muscles as well as define and strengthen your core.  

Heated barre is on the schedule for those who want to sweat. The studio is heated to 80 degrees. The movements will be slightly slower, yet just as intense to deepen the strength of your muscles and help detoxify your system as we sweat! A longer stretch will be included to insure we maximize our effort.

In cardio barre, we add on to our traditional Barre class of body weight movements, hand weights, resistance bands by incorporating upbeat cardio work to elevate your heart rate, burn calories and sweat! In cardio barre, you can expect to warm up your muscles and joints safely, get your cardio work in, strengthen and tone your entire body and enjoy the barre work that you've come to love.

No experience is necessary for any of our barre classes. 

All Levels Yoga (Vinyasa/Flow)

Vinyasa is a Sanskrit term often employed in relation to certain styles of yoga, that usually refers to a transition between two different positions. 

Lori Gaspar (2003) states: There are four basic definitions of vinyasa: 1) the linking of body movement with breath; 2) a specific sequence of breath-synchronized movements used to transition between sustained postures; 3) setting an intention for one's personal yoga practice and taking the necessary steps toward reaching that goal; and 4) a type of yoga class.

 This class allows the student to participate at their own level while developing balance, breath and strength. All levels of experience are welcome. 

Power Yoga

With emphasis on strength and flexibility, power yoga will not only provide a sense of well-being, but will also lead to a stronger physique.  Some yoga experience is preferred.  Heated room. We offer classes in either Baptiste style or Ashtanga.

Restorative Yoga 

For those looking to reduce stress and improve health, join us in restorative yoga. This workshop allows the body to settle, and the muscles to relax and open in a gentle way.  Soak up relaxation in this meditative and gentle style of yoga that will release tension, stress, and blocked energy.  

Gentle Yoga

Take an hour at the end of your day for a deep stretch! This gentle yoga class moves at a very slow pace with very few standing postures.
Gentle yoga is great after a long day, and it is perfectly scheduled following an intense barre class for those who prefer to work out their energy before moving into deep relaxation.
Postures will be held for up to two minutes with the optional use of essential oils. 

Beginner Yoga

Get back to basics.  Learn the foundations of yoga, meditation, and breath-work to improve mental clarity and physical mobility. Whether you are brand new to yoga or a seasoned yogi, this class will teach you to alleviate stress, move safely throughout physical postures, and begin your journey to optimal health.
All levels are welcome.  

Energy Medicine Yoga

Energy Medicine Yoga is a new paradigm that utilizes ancient Chinese medicine techniques, deep lymphatic massage, and acupressure points to realign your energy system so you can feel your best: physically, mentally, and energetically.  All levels are welcome.