August, 2019 GBY is making stretching a priority for our studio

Hard to believe that we are heading in to September! Please read below about the upcoming changes to our studio and upcoming events. We decided as a team to make "STRETCHING" a priority for our studio going forward. It is vital to keeping us all safe. Why are pre- and post- stretching in both yoga and barre so important?

  1. Improved performance and joint health

  2. A healthy spine

  3. Lower risk of injuries

To support our efforts, we are increasing the length of our classes to an hour.

With gratitude,


July, 2019 Gratitude for those who are in our lives

This month, I want to acknowledge the most amazing group of dedicated practitioners of barre and yoga: Stacey, Liz, Lindsay, Meredith, Alyson, Moey, TK, Rich and Kaitlin. I appreciate you all and working you daily is an absolute pleasure.

Let's make July teacher appreciation month - let them know how much they mean to you!

I know what these teachers offer all of us through yoga and barre for our mind and body. For me, it allows me to breathe, be without my phone and other distractions, most importantly- it allows me to be present in my life for just one hour.

We want that for you. We want you to turn inward, to clear your mind, for you to feel strong and balanced, challenged, at ease, have better sleep - whatever you might be looking for, you may be able to find within your practice.

Practice, breath, laugh and challenge yourself to step away from all else and turn inward. Just for an hour- you won’t be sorry you came.

Thank you, teachers!

With gratitude,