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Elements of Asana: Breaking Down the Foundations of Yoga Postures

In this 3-series workshop we will break down the common postures, sun salutations, standing, sitting, and a few twists. These workshops will help your alignment to understand the best way to practice without pain, and to open up the areas of your body which frequently cause limitations in movement.

Have you ever wondered why you don’t “feel the pose” where the teacher is saying you should feel it? Do you get pain or pinching in the joints during regular poses?

This is a hands on workshop. You will be adjusted in order to correct your alignment to feel the pose at the height of its offering with respect to your body and it’s limitations. If you have any injuries or severe movement limitations this may not be the best workshop for you. The hands on assists may touch certain parts of your body you do not want touched (stomach, inner thighs, lower back) If you have reservations about being touched, this may not be the best workshop for you.

Due to the intense nature of the assists and the number of postures we need to cover, there is a 10 person limit to this workshop so that everyone may experience the assists and benefits offered.

Workshop 1: breaking down the sun salutations. Working specifically on down-dog, chatarunga (low plank), and chair pose.

Workshop 2: a continuation of workshop 1 and focusing specifically on standing postures like the warriors, triangle, and side angle.

Workshop 3: moving to the seated postures, this workshop will breakdown forward folds, pigeon, and seated twists.

3 workshops for $75 or $30 for 1 workshop

No refunds or exchanges

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Barre to Bar at Rooftop 120

Sunday Funday! Let's celebrate SUMMER!!!

June 9th 2:30 pm
$35 per person

Our favorite Barre-tender, TK, will be at Rooftop 120 once again! This event fills up fast! It’s time to sweat and sip 🍸🍷🍺with friends at beautiful Rooftop 120.

With movements inspired by ballet barre and dance, our amazing instructor TK Keenan will tone & lengthen major muscle groups, rev your heart rate, & strengthen your body...all on the roof at Rooftop 120 in Glastonbury!

Pricing includes 1 glass of wine or beer.
Please arrive at 2:30 pm for sign-in and 3:00 pm barre class.

No refunds or exchanges.